1977 Slant Nose
Porsche 930
Turbo Carrera


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Driver Side

Driver side rear corner Front
Driver Front corner Passenger Front corner

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~3.0L (2.993 L or 182.64 ci)
Flat 6
Dry sump oil system ~14 quarts of oil in system
Bosche/Porsche CIS Mechical Fuel Injection

GearRatioType 930/30
1st2.25:14 Speed Manual
2nd1.30:1Max Speed: More than 155 mph
3rd0.89:1 0-60: 5.5 Seconds
4th0.65:1 1/4 Mile: 13.6 Seconds

21 Gallon Fuel Tank

2635 Pounds Curb Weight

Reference Porsche Turbo Driver's Manual '77

Upgrade single turbo charger (KKK K-27S-11)
Kokeln Intercooler
Adjustable wastegate (.4 to 1.3 bar)
Power flow air box with K&N Filter
Upgrade intake header
Group B racing cam
GHL's Exhaust header and Muffler
Electomotive's HPV-3B Ignition system
B&K's Harness truss
5-point harness (ok only using 4 (orginal seats))

Tires: BF Goodrich g-Force T/A kd
Front: 225/45ZR17 (30psi) Rear: 245/40ZR17 (35psi)
Wheels: Racing Dynamics
Front: 8.5Jx17 Rear: 9.5Jx17

22mm Master Brake cylinder (increased from 19mm)
'89 Turbo brake boaster
Later turbo "big red" front brake kit
Brembo 993 turbo "big red" rear brake kit
Stainless steel brake hoses

Power Door Windows, and Sunroof
Automatic heat control system

A/C is removed
Window and Light Washer Pump and Reservoir gone

Stereo: Blaupunkt Cheyenne (presently not installed)
10-Disc CD Changer (presently not installed)
10 speaker system (presently not installed)
2 power amps (presently not installed)
1 Electronic cross over (presently not installed)


Prior to me the car must have been hit in the passenger side front and along the driver side. This may have lead to the slant nose conversion.

Brought in July of 98

Had oil problem was using 1 quart per gas tank (~300 miles)

In shop Oct 98 to Dec 98
Replaced turbo charger and small parts

parked at home in garage for the winter of 98-99 (Dec98-May99)

out and driven in CNY PCA spring rally: Last place
notice still using a lot of oil

June 99 taken to Cantech for check up (oh boy oops)

In Shop July 99 till end of June 00
Both mechical and body shop work
Complete engine rebuild (only 3 cylinder had compression)
Had 5 coats of paint/bondo/primer/etc...striped down to metal
Frame straighten, front suspension replaced, brake lines replaced

June 28-29 00 1000 mile engine break in drive
From Syracuse to Thousand Island to 87 (north east corner of state)
down to kingston over to liberty (17) to 81 (binghamton) then back

In shop June 30 00 oil change prep for Watkin Glen

Watkins Glen June 30-July 2 00
Friday Night: Both door locks did not unlock ... got in thought side rear glass (Thanks to the Turco's)
Saturday: First run no problem, Second run lost the brakes, Third run Oil overflow
Sunday: Lost to much brake fuild from third run to continue

Back in shop July 5 00 to August 12 00
New master cylinder, brake boaster, door latch....plus other small parts

August 13 00 car show at the national war plane museum: Last place
Could have been because:
No rear inside deck, or rear seats, just exposed metal
No dash board
No front trunk carpeting just exposed parts

In shop August 21-24, 00
Rear "Trunk" did not stay latched, Automatic heater sensor, clutch throw out bearing (<~2000 miles)

SCCA soloII Pylon Summer, at RVS Greene New York, August 27, 00
Sponsored by theSouthern New York region of the SCCA
go-kart track event, Nothing BROKE! Results

In shop September 6, Tech Inspection, prep for Lime Rock

Lime Rock Park driver's Ed September 14, 00 Pictures
(4) 20+ Minute session, Sponsored by the North Country Region PCA
Brake fuild loss from overflow, muffler split seam
Great instructor knew the 930 and how to deal with it on the course

Niagara PCA autocross at Valeo in Rochester, NY, September 17, 00
charity autocross for the benefit MADD
parking lot with a cone track setup, Nothing broke!

Porsche / Corvette Challenge 2000, September 24, 00
Sponsered by the Corvette Club, in the Sam club parking lot in Syracuse on Erie blvd
parking lot with a cone track setup, spun out one time, nothing broke
Final score Porsche: 34, Corvette: 7

SCCA soloII Annual Bi-Regional SNY & Glen, at RVS Greene New York, October 1, 00
Sponsored by theSouthern New York region of the SCCA
go-kart track event, Nothing BROKE! Results

Pocco PCA Octberfest II, October 6-8, 00 Pictures
Three events, Concours (took third out of 3 cars in 930 class), Rally (thanks to Charlie White for Navigating), Tech Quiz
Had a lot of fun, Broke the Front air damn, Played bumper cars luckly did not break the other cars involved!

In shop October 9-13, Prep for Ferrari Octoberfest with Drivers Ed at Watkins Glen
Replaced the Brake Resevoir

SCCA soloII Cherry Valley Motorsports Park, October 14, 00
Sponsored by theCentral New York region of the SCCA
go-kart track event, Nothing BROKE! (on the Porsche, Honda did not pass tech), One spin, Results

Ferrari Octoberfest with Drivers Ed at Watkins Glen, October 16-17, 00
Sponsored by the New York region of the Ferrari Club
on monday fog closed the track for the morning, then again in the afternoon,
on tuesday fog in the morning, lift to rain for midday
on monday I got 2 runs, the first 15 minutes, then second 30 minutes
on tuesday They let us run on the track in the rain slowly for 45 minutes

SCCA soloII Corning's Erwin Plant, October 22, 00
Sponsored by theGlen region of the SCCA
Parking lot with cones event, Nothing BROKE!, Two spins Results

In autobody shop November 13-December 30, 00
Front air dam, paint chips, weather stipping (doors, sunroof, rear windows,), fog light aiming, rear deck grill, passenger side door latch

In for Mechinal work, Januray 23-April 4, 01
GHL Exhaust, SmartTyre sensors, Adj Wastegate, Electromotive ignition, headlights, Tires, small parts

Things to be done


Dash Board; The old one had two layer of leather and other problems
Rear Seat & deck
Computer and sensors
Stereo system
Trunk (under front hood) need to be carpented


Window/Headlight washer system
Extra fuel injector (to prevent lean mixure)
long time out: 5 or 6 speed transmission
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